Privacy Policy

The Company’s goal is to promote safeguards and controls that adequately protect customer and non-public information but do not impede its appropriate use. We strive to respect the privacy of individuals and hold all individuals accountable to high ethical standards. Our policy incorporates risk assessments and provide for taking actions to address identified risks where necessary.

The loss, corruption, inappropriate disclosure, or exposure of information can interfere with executing our mission, cause business disruption, damage our reputation and the reputation of others, or result in financial penalties. This information must be protected during all stages of its life: when it is created, collected, stored, manipulated, and transmitted; and when it is no longer useful.

To provide proper customer service throughout the course of your transaction, The Company may collect customer and non-public personal information from various sources including: applications, forms, communications, transactions, services, affiliates, consumer reporting agencies, public records, or other sources.

The company’s website is designed to provide you the tools and information necessary to assist you through your transaction. The company collects limited visitor information to assist in marketing and business decisions. Information collected includes:

• Geographical

◊ Location
◊ Language

• Behavior

◊ New visitors vs. returning visitors
◊ Frequency of visits
◊ Duration of visits

• Technology

◊ Browser and Operating System (e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Windows, iOS, etc)
◊ Internet Service Provider (e.g. Cox, Embarq, Charter, etc)

• Mobile

◊ Device type (e.g. iPhone, Android, Desktop, Tablet, etc)

Website Registration
Visitors to the website have the ability to register to obtain access to additional resources. In order for the company to assist in automatically filling out forms located on the website the registration process requests the following information.

• Username
• Name
• Email Address
• Physical Address
• Phone Number

Website Forms
The company provides registered users the ability to Open Escrows, request property information, and register for CE Classes. Information requested using these services may contain non-public personal information. The company secures the transmission, collection, and storing of the information provided from these services.

Affiliated and non-affiliated companies
The company provides resourceful links throughout the website to assist customers. The company attempts to link to only websites that share similar protection with non-public personal information. However, the company is not responsible for the content or privacy standards of other websites.

The company’s website utilizes cookies stored on your device to personalize your experience with the website. The cookies that are stored do not contain non-public personal information, passwords, or any sensitive data.